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A New Breakthrough in Material Level Measurement - Intelligent Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

DATE:2015-06-25 02:50:00 VIEW:173次

Among numerous level measurement products, magnetostrictive level gauges, as an emerging measuring instrument, have shown advantages in industries such as petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical due to their high accuracy, stability, and reliability, and quickly gained market share.

According to its special working principle, magnetostrictive liquid level gauges can perform continuous liquid level and interface measurements, and provide high-precision measurement instruments for monitoring and controlling analog signal output. The intelligent magnetostrictive liquid level gauge launched by Taiwei Zhida can be intelligently programmed with LCD display, which can display the overall liquid level, interface liquid level, as well as the electrical signal of temperature output, actual liquid level value, temperature value, and actual liquid level value with offset.

Taiwei Zhida has always been customer-oriented, constantly innovating and meeting user requirements, further providing high-quality products to meet the current needs of domestic and international market economy development.