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Pressure Transmitter

TV6S smart diffused silicon pressure transmitter

技术性能 测量范围:表压(G) 0-3.5kPa~60MPa 绝压(A) 0-35kPa~3500kPa 精 确 度:0.1% ;0.2% 适用介质:液体、气体、蒸汽 过压极限:用户量程的1.5~3倍,详见选型表 补偿温度:-20~80℃

Technical performance

Range:  Gage pressure 0-3.5kPa~60Mpa
               Absolute pressure(A) 0-35kPa~3500kPa

Accuracy:  0.1%; 0.2%
Medium:  liquid, steam, gas
Overpressure limit:  1.5~3 times of the range, pls find details in selection table
Compensation temperature:  -20℃~80℃
Working temperature:  -40℃~85℃ (gauge shell works in temperature from -20℃ to 70℃)
Temperature coefficient:  0.1%/10℃(in range of compensation)
Stability: ±0.2%FS/year
Power supply: 9~45V DC, usually 24V DC
Output signal: 4~20mA DC with HART protocol digital signal

Output current:  lowerlimit:3.8mA, configurable in 3.5~4mA
Upperlimit:20.5mA, configurable in 20~22.5mA
Stand set: 3.8≤I≤20.5mA
Alarm current:  lower alarm limit:3.6mA, configurable in 3.5~4mA
Upper alarm limit:21mA, configurable in 20~22.5mA
             Stand set: 21mA

Maximum load:  50×(power voltage-9)Ω
Star time:  2seconds, no preheat
Damp:  adjustable among 0.2~32s
Power effect: 〈 0.005%/V of the output range
Load effect:  load change has no affect when power supply is reliable
Position effect:  zero position change ≤0.1% under the condition of deviation from 90°
Vibration effect:  in the condition of 20~2000Hz for peak value of 10g, the affect is less than 0.1%FS
Humidity effect:  no effect in 0~95% relative humidity
Outer shell:  die casting aluminum
Protection level:  IP65
Explosion-proof:  explosion-proof: dII BT5; intrinsic safe: ia II CT6
Ground state:  the screw to ground should keep good connection to ground
Field indicator:  multifunction LCD digital indicator
Electrical interface:  M20×1.5 female thread
Process connection:  M20×1.5 or 1/2″NPT male thread
Wetted part: stainless steel ICr18Ni9Ti
316L stainless steel
O ring with Fluorine rubber material
Filling fluid: silicon oil
Weight: 1.2kg