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tivystar has become a member of Alibaba Online Association's Integrity Communication

DATE:2015-06-25 02:51:01 VIEW:188次

Alibaba. com is a well-known brand for global B2B e-commerce, and is currently the world's largest online trading market and business communication community. Alibaba has become the world's first e-commerce website with over 3.28 million merchants, becoming the preferred website for global merchant network promotion, and being rated as the "most popular B2B website" by merchants. What is the biggest factor?? That's&ndash& mdash; Good positioning, stable structure, and excellent service. Our company joined Alibaba's team in 2005, following the development philosophy of the team and providing a one-stop service on Alibaba's platform: authentic products, affordable prices, quality assurance, after-sales guarantee, and high-quality customer service&hellip& hellip; These are all the fundamental principles that we have maintained in the past five years of growth, and this is even more true: orders are the absolute principle, evaluations are the absolute principle, rankings are the absolute principle, and integrity is the absolute principle. In the era of rapid technological development, online information service platforms are another stage for companies to showcase. On this stage, we witness together the beauty and healthy growth of our Alibaba platform.