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Characteristics of magnetostrictive liquid level sensor

DATE:2015-06-28 08:53:43 VIEW:234次

Magnetostrictive liquid level sensor is an advanced and practical liquid level sensor that adopts internationally advanced magnetostrictive level measurement technology. It can accurately measure the height of the liquid level, the height of the oil-water interface, the temperature of the liquid, and calculate the volume of oil and water in the tank based on the tank volume table. It has the characteristics of low cost, high measurement accuracy, simple production, convenient installation, and no need for regular maintenance or recalibration. This transmitter has higher accuracy than other capacitive, pressure, mechanical, ultrasonic, and servo device instruments. It is currently the leading liquid level measurement transmitter internationally.

This technology integrates knowledge from multiple disciplines such as electronic technology, sensor technology, computer technology, and mechanical processing technology; We have extensively consulted with experts in the petroleum industry and measurement technology, and conducted feasibility studies on sensor technology, market economy, and operational functions. We have determined the system model, and all raw materials are provided by domestic manufacturers. Mechanical accessories are designed by designers with years of experience. The transmitter assembly process follows the requirements of the ISO9001 system, ensuring quality, The hardware circuit adopts advanced signal excitation and reception processing circuits, and is strictly designed according to the requirements of intrinsic safety circuits, which can smoothly pass the intrinsic safety explosion-proof test. Multiple intelligent algorithms are used in the software to eliminate and correct interference data, fully ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data.