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What factors affect the stability of pressure transmitters?

DATE:2023-04-27 22:37:20 VIEW:231次

The factors that affect the stability of pressure transmitters include:

1. Range. To select the correct pressure range, first determine the maximum pressure measurement value of the system equipment, and generally choose a pressure sensor that is 1.5 times larger than the maximum value of the medium. And this is because it is necessary to consider the irregular fluctuations above the peak value generated when the liquid medium is impacted by pressure, in order to avoid damaging the instrument.

2. Usage environment. The adaptability of pressure transmitters to the environment greatly affects their stability, so selecting the appropriate sensor based on the usage environment is crucial. Corresponding measures should be taken during use to minimize the impact of the environment.

3. The stability of pressure sensors has quantitative indicators, and after exceeding the service life, they should be recalibrated to determine whether the performance of the sensor has changed.