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TM6 magnetostrictive series with outer buoy


TM6 series magnetostrictive level transmitters can measure liquid level, interface level, and temperature at the same time. TM6 is designed according to the magnetostrictive principle, which is a highly accurate, respond fast, good reliability, long life, maintenance free, smart level measuring instrument because the gauge can′t be effected by pressure, temperature, dielectric coefficient and so on. Magnetostrictive level transmitter is widely used in the applications of petroleum, chemical, food , water treatment, food processing, pharmacy, tanks management, etc.

TM6 MLT can adjust null point and range remotely because of its HART or RS485/MODBUS protocols. Parameters including units, display upper/lower limits, damping, shift correction, correcting upper/lower limits, D/A trimming correction, restore factory setting and so on, can be configured through three buttons in cases and LCD.


  ※ two-wire system 4-20mA with HART

  ※ both zero point and range can be adjusted remotely and locally

  ※ self-diagnosis and fault output alarm

  ※ Non-volatile memory to prevent data loss

  ※ Good stability, simple installation, maintenance free, low cost

  ※ Measure liquid level, interface level and temperature at the same time

  ※ Optional lightening integrated connecting terminal

  ※ Multifunction LCD field indicator

  ※ The whole explosion proof design, explosion proof screws lock cover

  ※ Double grounded junction port inside or outside to field ground

  ※ Outside hang-tag hole

  ※ Prompt with junction port on meter case (field terminals )

Technical performance

  Range:  rod type , 0.1~5m; soft cable type, 0.5~20m

  Accuracy:  ±1mm or 0.1%, take larger value among the two

                   ±2mm or 0.2%, take larger value among the two

  Resolution ratio:  0.1mm

  Medium:  any kinds of liquid which can compatible with probe material

  Work pressure:  -0.1~32Mpa

  Work temperature:  -40~85℃, -20~70℃ with LCD

  Medium temperature:  -40~100℃, -40~200℃ with high temperature type

  Medium density:  0.5~2.0g/cm3

  Medium viscosity:  ≤0.8Pa·S

  Stability:  ±0.1%FS/year

  Temperature coefficient:  0.1%/10℃ in range of environment temperature

  Power supply:  9~45V DC, usually 24V DC

  Output signal:  4~20mA+HART protocol or RS485

  Maximum load:  50×(power voltage-9)Ω

  Damp:  adjustable among 0.2~32s

  Dead zone:  upper dead zone 50mm; lower dead zone 50mm

  Power effect:  0.005%/V of the output range

  Humidity effect:  no effect in 0~95% relative humidity

  Vibration effect:  in the condition of 200Hz, the deviation is less than 0.1%/FS/g

  Outer shell:  die casting aluminum with epoxy spraied or stainless steel

  Protection level:  IP68 for probe, IP65 for gauge head

  Explosion-proof:  explosion-proof: dII BT5; intrinsic safe: ia II CT6

  Field indicator:  multifunction LCD digital indicator

  Electric interface:  M20×1.5 female thread or 1/2〃NPT female thread

  Process connection:  DN50、DN80、DN100 or M18×1.5, M20×1.5 or 3/4″NPT male thread, or customized and so on

  Rod material:  304, 316L, PP, PVC, PTFE

  Float material:  316L, PP, PTFE

  Ground:  the outer shell should keep good connection to tank wall and ground

note: the prices will be different with different matches.