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RF capacitance liquid level transmitter


TC6 series smart RF capacitance liquid level transmitter takes the advanced digital RF measure technology and micro-processor as the core, matched with IC circuit, surface mounting, and strict process flow. The meter has some advantages such as high precision, good stability, strong anti-jamming. TC6 series uses sealed structure to be waterproof, explosive proof, anti-corrosive, suitable for wild all-weather field. Other advantage includes widely application to work in environment or medium of high temperature and pressure, strong corrosion. The relative mediums include liquid, powder, or granular medium such as acid, alkali, salt, oil, water, wastewater, chemical material, manufactured feed, grains, coal dust, cement, flour, etc. it can be used widely to level automatic measurement system in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, food, water treatment, metallurgy, cement factory, and so on.

TC6 series have kinds of function configurations through three buttons in enclosure and LCD , two points calibration in field can re-calibrate to create simple installation and debug. The parameters to be configurated include units, showing upper/lower level limit, damping, upper/lower limit of calibration, D/A correction, restore factory default, etc.


  *two-wire system, high accuracy and stable, temperature drift

  *two points re-calibration brings simple correction

  *good redurance of high temperature and pressure, strong acid and alkali , anti-corrosive as well

  *multi-function LCD indicator

  *The whole explosion proof design, explosion proof screws lock cover

  *Meter case can rotate 360°,install easily

Technology performance

  Range: rod meter of 0.1~3m, cable meter 0.35~35m

  Accuracy: 0.5%

  Medium: liquid that is compatible with material of probe

  Work pressure: -0.1~4MPa

  Environment temperature: -20℃~70℃

  Medium temperature: -40℃~100℃(outer the range, capacitance transmitter need to special design)

  Temperature coefficient: 0.2%/10℃ (in range of environment temperature)

  Stability: ±0.2%FS/year

  Power voltage: 9~45V DC, usually 24V DC

  Output signal: two-wire system 4~20mA DC

  Maximum load: 50×(power voltage-9)Ω

  Damp: adjustable among 1~8s

  Power effect: 〈 0.005%/V of the output range

  Load effect: load change has no affect when power supply is constant

  Humidity effect: no effect in 0~95% relative humidity

  Vibration effect: no effect in the condition of 20~2000Hz for peak value of 10g

  Outer shell: die casting aluminum

  Protection level: IP65

  Explosion-proof: explosion-proof: dII BT5; intrinsic safe: ia II CT6

  Field indicator: multifunction LCD digital indicator

  Electric interface: M20×1.5 female thread

  Process connection: 3/4″NPT or 1″NPT male thread, or special customization

  Probe material: PAF, PTFE, stainless steel

  Ground state: the screw to ground should keep good connection to ground