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Typical applications of magnetostrictive liquid level gauges

DATE:2015-06-28 08:54:35 VIEW:236次

1. Oil measurement and monitoring

Automatic Measurement and Online Query System for Crude Oil Storage Tanks; The important component of this system is a magnetostrictive liquid level gauge that can simultaneously measure the interface and oil level. In this system, the crude oil storage tank is 13 meters high. 35m, diameter 10m; There are three layers of internal media, with the lower layer being water, the middle being an oil-water mixed layer, and the upper layer being oil; The viscosity of the oil is 200cp. Before the introduction of the above system, a relatively traditional method was used to detect the upper and lower interfaces of the oil-water mixing layer, namely the measurement interface of the double flange differential pressure liquid level transmitter. However, due to the difficulty in installing the magnetostrictive liquid level gauge, inaccurate measurement, and large maintenance, the user was not satisfied. Later, we tried using a radio frequency admittance transmitter to detect the oil-water interface. However, due to its complex operating conditions, the thickness and composition of the emulsion layer are constantly changing, and the accuracy of the radio frequency admittance transmitter itself is also low, so the measurement effect is not particularly ideal.

2. Process monitoring

Magnetostrictive level gauges are also widely used in industrial process control, which often requires level instruments to reliably measure under harsh and changing operating conditions. On the premise of ensuring reliability, the higher the accuracy, the better. Especially in situations with high temperature and pressure, high-precision and reliable magnetostrictive liquid level measurement technology is a good choice. In the selection of process control level instruments, a careful analysis and comparison of the performance advantages and disadvantages of common level gauges such as magnetostrictive level gauges, radar level gauges, double flange differential pressure level gauges, and external float level gauges were conducted, and extensive market research was conducted.

3. Monitoring of LPG tank farm

In liquid level measurement of liquefied gas tanks, magnetostrictive liquid level gauges are the best choice. Liquefied gas is composed of some hydrocarbon substances with low dielectric constant and usually has high volatility. Therefore, the application of radar or ultrasound in this situation is not ideal. Due to the slow response of electromagnetic waves to low dielectric constant media, the echo signal is weak, and some even directly penetrate the medium, returning false signals, making it impossible to measure.

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