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How to select a digital display meter

DATE:2015-06-28 08:54:59 VIEW:240次

How to select a digital display meter

Digital display meters are called secondary meters in the industry. They use LED Nixie tube or LCD liquid crystal displays and cooperate with various analog output sensors and transmitters to measure, monitor, control, adjust, transmit, and remotely communicate physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, and composition.

The selection of digital display meters requires confirmation of the following parameters:

1. Instrument dimensions

2. Display number of digits

3. Instrument input signal

4. Instrument working power supply commonly used AC220V

5. The most basic function of a digital display meter is to display value measurement. Users can add the following functions according to usage requirements, and the price of the instrument also changes accordingly: (1) DC24V feed output: The feed output is to provide DC24V power supply for on-site two-wire transmitters; (2) Alarm output: Generally, it is an upper and lower limit alarm output, Four relay alarm outputs can also be selected (3) Transmission output: The transmission output refers to the 4-20mA or 0-10mA analog output corresponding to the displayed value (full range) (4) Communication RS485 or RS232 output or printing function

6. Instrument measurement accuracy

7. Special requirements