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Analysis of the Application Function of Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

DATE:2015-06-28 08:59:24 VIEW:290次

The magnetostrictive liquid level gauge consists of three parts: a detection rod, a circuit unit, and a float. Equipped with the HART protocol, it can remotely adjust zero and span. Various parameter adjustments can also be made through the three buttons inside the casing and the LCD liquid crystal. Configurable parameters include units, display upper and lower limits, damping, translation correction, calibration upper and lower limits, digital analog fine tuning correction, and factory reset.

Functional characteristics of magnetostrictive liquid level gauge

1. Durable to harsh usage environments, high reliability, and long service life;

2. High precision and stability;

3. High resolution

4. Absolute position output;

5. Non contact measurement, long service life;

6. With reverse polarity protection function

7. Lightning protection and radio frequency interference prevention

8. Seismic resistance and shock resistance

9. Exquisite structure and wide adaptability;

10. Easy installation, no need for regular maintenance or calibration.