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Magnetic flap level gauge and magnetic float level gauge from different perspectives

DATE:2015-06-29 00:26:50 VIEW:227次

Recently, a netizen sent me an email to inquire whether the magnetic flap level gauge is the same as the magnetic float level gauge.

Today, I will briefly explain the similarities and differences between these two products.

The magnetic flap level gauge is a magnetic flap level gauge, which can visually see the liquid level height! The magnetic float level gauge includes a magnetic flap level gauge, as well as a dry reed level gauge and a magnetostrictive level gauge, which can also be called a magnetic float level gauge. However, the measurement accuracy of the dry reed level gauge is low (about 10mm) and cannot be made for a long time. Otherwise, it is easy to damage and not easy to repair.

The measurement accuracy of magnetostrictive liquid level gauges is very high, generally reaching 0.5mm, with a resolution of 0.1mm and a maximum length of 22 meters. They can simultaneously detect the positions of two floating balls (liquid level, interface), and also detect and output temperature. Multi functional, easy to install, and can also be used in conjunction with a magnetic flap level gauge (place the magnetostrictive level gauge next to the magnetic flap level gauge). This level gauge also uses a magnetic float to sense the position of the liquid, so it can also be classified as a magnetic float level gauge!

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