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What are the advantages of magnetostrictive displacement sensors?

DATE:2023-04-27 22:44:26 VIEW:204次

The concept of intelligent magnetostrictive displacement sensor was initially defined by NASA in spacecraft as a multi component integrated circuit for information collection, processing, exchange, and storage. It is one of the system level products that integrate sensors, communication chips, microprocessors, drivers, software algorithms, and other components. Compared with traditional sensors, intelligent sensors have the ability to automatically collect, process data, make logical judgments, perform functional calculations and self diagnose, self calibrate, self compensate, and adapt, with higher accuracy, better stability, and stronger environmental adaptability.

On the one hand, temporary energy sensors can not only communicate at the controller layer through more flexible interfaces, but also achieve communication at higher data layers. Sensor workers can perform new analysis tasks and functions to prevent data or software system interfaces. These capabilities can improve the flexibility, quality, efficiency, and transparency of production. On the other hand, due to the increase in temporary functions, the data provided by intelligent sensors is more compact and practical, and the efficiency of data resource utilization is higher, resulting in more accurate data processing results. Directly preprocessing data internally and compressing and filtering intelligent sensors can better meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing. With the deepening development of applications, intelligent sensors are gradually developing towards miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, systematization, networking, and mobile internet.